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Energy investor T Boone Pickens questioned whether US natural gas production can continue its robust growth with just 300 drilling rigs working to find gas.
Michael Pickens, 58, is being sued by his 85-year-old billionaire father Thomas Boone Pickens - better known as T.
T Boone Pickens, leading philanthropist and one of America's most influential businessmen, is the honorary chairman of National Hunting and Fishing Day 2011.
Boone Pickens to figure out the bad business of wind energy after touting it as the answer to U.
Boone Pickens highlighted propane as an important part of the Pickens Plan, citing propane's environment-friendly profile and ample production in the United States.
Boone Pickens updated Western senators, governors and state leaders on the level of foreign oil imported by the United States in July 2009.
T BOONE PICKENS, THE TEXAS oil billionaire, has scrapped his plans to build a giant wind farm in the Texas panhandle.
Boone Pickens created his Pickens Plan, an energy policy aimed at reducing America's addiction to foreign oil.
Boone Pickens, Mike Jackson Tackle Energy Policies at Town Hall Meeting(C)2009 JeraOne - http://www.
Boone Pickens seems to be on the television all the time anymore, talking about wind power.
Boone Pickens for establishing a national transmission grid to move growing wind and solar energy from remote regions of the country to population centers.
Boone Pickens is like something out of the film There Will Be Blood.