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Developers have not yet focused on the commercial domain, due to the lingering effects associated with the boom bust cycle that culminated in 2008.
The Government will need to ensure that the new mortgage caps are fully enforced if it is to prevent the repeat of another 2003-2008 boom bust cycle.
Mr Sercombe said: "The boom bust cycle of sheep pricing is not in the interests of the farmer, processor or retailer.
Summary: Kingdom avoids boom bust cycle of some Gulf markets - Cityscape Intelligence launches first Saudi residential and commercial price index in eighteen districts
While policies and programs that promote exports and encourage dumping should be prohibited, countries should be allowed to pursue a diversity of supply-management and other programs to minimize dramatic price swings and mitigate the boom bust cycle in commodities markets.
We need increased interest rates, a 30% drop in house prices, a land value tax and an end to the boom bust cycle in the housing market.