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"This paratransit book of business is a great strategic fit for AFG.
The book of business generated approximately $16 million in annual premium in 2018,
(Note: Just as we do with our existing partners, we will make exceptions and welcome lawyers whose working style is nothing like our own so long as their book of business is appropriately sizable.)
Wysong contended that he had a separate oral agreement with Kolberg, whereby he purchased the book of business according to the terms of Kolberg's handwritten "fact sheet" listing the income earned from the book's policies and the amount that plaintiff would be required to pay Kolberg "to take custody of it.
Richard Wysong did not contest the validity of the agent contracts he entered into with Farm Family which provide, among other things, that Farm Family owns all insurance business assigned to or produced by plaintiff and that the book of business may be reassigned to another agent in the event of plaintiff's termination.
The first step to take is to develop the correct TIV baseline for the entire book of business and base rates.
To understand how valuable a book of business can be, imagine an insurance broker starting business from scratch.
The ratings are constrained by the company's volatile underwriting results from its insurance book of business and exposure to currency exchange volatility, Fitch noted.
has acquired a book of business from Mississippi, US-based employee benefits consulting firm Fortenberry McNamara, LLC, the company said.
This limit on costs is closely linked to the quality of the book of business a carrier has acquired and varies by carrier across the spectrum of all books of business in the industry.
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 25, 2015-Mercer to Sell Book of Business to Transamerica
Growing a book of business by acquiring new clients is judged a primary area of focus in 2014 by 70 percent of financial advisors, according new research.