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Quotation are invited for Publication of advertisement Notice of 66th Annual General Meeting, book closure & E-voting information"
The dates of Book Closure for the purpose of determination of entitlement of the shareholders shall be announced separately.
The book closure date for the shareholders to receive rights to subscribe for PMTA shares is 10 February 2015 with the XB symbol to be displayed on 5 February 2015.
7 -- With positive signs of change in the Indian economy directing to a significant growth of the office space market across the country, leading corporate interiors firm - Cherry Hill Interiors Ltd, specializing in LEED certified projects have reported an order book closure of INR 300 Crores for the period ended December 31, 2014, as compared to Rs.
M2 EQUITYBITES-April 28, 2014-Axis Bank confirms book closure for dividend and AGM
The book closure for this entitlement shall be announced separately.
Samsung Electronics' board of directors also decided on the book closure period and the record date for the merger between Samsung Electronics and Samsung Digital Imaging.
It said that no interest would accrue on the bonds after September 25, 2009 and the book closure of the 54th series would be observed with effect from August 26, 2009.
In sum, I hope to have shown that the extant Cena Trimalchionis is not a single ancient book but a continuous conflation with some lacunae of three ancient books, both on the general ground of the length of books in similar ancient texts, and on the particular ground of intratextual signals for the beginning and endings of books, signals which imitate and appropriately modify for a lower genre known epic modes of book opening and book closure.
Basing his work on Marianna Togovnik's seminal book Closure in the Novel (1981), Gaetan Brulotte examines the endings of stories; by showing the various strategies that writers from Kafka to Sartre and Musil use to avoid bringing their novels to a conclusion, Brulotte points out that short stories (including his own) demand an ending, even before their actual composition.
For bonus shares issued by listed companies, the issuer shall withhold bonus shares at the rate of five percent on the first day of book closure.