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And God said No worries, and Better a poor joke than something worse, and Did I want to use the book rate for my package, which would save me about five bucks, and I said yes, sir, and thank you, and I walked out of the Post Office thinking that if we cannot see God in the vessels into which the electricity of astonishing life is poured by a profligate creation, vessels like this wonderfully and eternally gracious gentleman at the Post Office, then we are very bad at the religion we claim to practice, which says forthrightly that God is everywhere available, if only we remove the beam from our eyes, and bow in humility and gratitude for the miraculous, which falleth even as the light from the sun, which touches all beings, and refraineth from none.
BNP Paribas SA (EPA: BNP) has entered into an agreement to sell its 95.2 percent stake in its Egyptian unit to Emirates NBD PJSC for USD500m, which is 1.5 times the book rate.
As the proposal stands, the audio/CD book rate cut will be allowed from January 2011.
The Canadian Library Book Rate is a subsidy that is also used for mailing books but cannot currently be used for "nonbook" formats (CLA & ASTED, 2004).
They present the exercise in 12 chapters covering cash flow analysis; book rate of return and payback period; basics of discounting; evaluating projects and comparing alternatives; marginal cost, equivalent cost, and replacement analysis; after-tax analysis ; calculations in nominal and real terms--effects of inflation on profitability; impact of technological progress upon equivalent cost and replacement analysis; discount rate, cost of capital, and capital rationing; alternative methods and special cases in financing mix and project evaluation; interdependent projects and the use of optimization methods; and decision theory and real option analysis in the context of investment under uncertainty.
I can't comment on whether Madden did a grand job with de Berniere's original words, but hardcore fans of the book rate the film as a lacklustre and limp version of a powerful story.
The price is $9.95, plus $2 domestic book rate postage.
Plus shipping & handling: $2.50 Book Rate, $4.50 UPS.
Under an agreement between the Department of Communications and Canada Post, the book rate - utilized by book sellers - will not increase more than the rate of inflation until March 30 1992.
To order a copy, send $5.95 (book rate) or $7.95 (first class) to Sobek, Box 333, Angels Camp 95222; California residents add sales tax.