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The book balances breadth and depth by combining firsthand accounts of field practitioners with the analyses of academic experts across the globe.
As a resource, this book balances perfectly on the tightrope of preparing children for dangerous situations without tipping into creating unnecessary fears or giving too much information.
Similar to the previous books in the series, this book balances appealing, creative elements with accurate, factual information that will spark readers' curiosity and get them engaged in a new subject.
Written for legal students, practitioners and general audiences, this book balances the comprehensive legal documentation with generous amounts of humor.
Sayer's book balances interesting academic critique with personal details.
Informative, passionate, global in scope, often political in tone, the book balances the text with personal stories that bring the crisis home.
Without preaching, this book balances historical content and fiction and comes out on top.
Detailing the history, philosophy and mechanisms of complementary and alternative medicine, this book balances theory with practical application and methods of treatment to give you a full understanding of each therapy.
Her book balances both sides and allows the reader to make sense of it.
Adjustments can then be made to the book balances of accounts for Schedule L and Schedule M-1.
The book balances explanations of concepts with clear and useful discussion of the main application areas.
The book balances the two basic views of these immigration issues, one being that of a "burden" and the other of an "opportunity.