Bond market association

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Bond market association

An international trade association of broker/dealers and banks in US government and federal agency securities, municipal securities, mortgage-backed securities, and money market securities.

The Bond Market Association

Also called the BMA. A defunct trade association for investors in debt securities. Members of the Bond Market Association consisted of brokers, dealers, banks, and underwriters. The BMA set common practices for the industry, compiled statistics and other information, and lobbied governments. In 2006, the BMA formed the Securities Industry and Financial Markets Association in a merger with the Securities Industry Association.

Bond Market Association

A nonprofit trade association for approximately 200 securities firms that underwrite, trade, and sell debt securities. The association compiles statistics, attempts to standardize market practices, and serves as an industry advocate before legislators and regulators.
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The Bond Market Association, as outlined in a June 19 letter from Mary Kuan, vice president and assistant general counsel, called for greater transparency and immediate and broad distribution of information impacting securities as well as a dear, certain resolution to whether hybrid securities will be treated as debt or as equity.
The Association adds tremendous value to all participants in the global capital markets," said Ed Forst, chairman of the Bond Market Association and Chief Administrative Officer of Goldman Sachs Group.
In December 2003, The Bond Market Association reaffirmed its adoption of The Principles and Practices For Wholesale Financial Market Transactions, first published in 1995 to provide guidance for the conduct of derivative transactions.
One of the key factors in developing our policy was the comparison of fixed and floating tax exempt long-term rates (see Figure 1) that compares the Revenue Bond Index (RBI) as a benchmark for long-term bonds and the Bond Market Association (BMA) Index which is a benchmark for tax exempt variable rate and the Rolling BMA which is the average of each weekly BMA and represents the average rate paid on tax exempt floating rate debt.
Similar to corporate bonds with a sinking fund, the principal is repaid to investors over a period of less than a year after a contractually predetermined revolving period, when only defined interest payments occur (The Bond Market Association, 1998).
If they don't deal with opening these markets to world competitive forces, this will happen again,'' O'Neill said in a speech to the Bond Market Association in New York.
For the past two years, members of The Bond Market Association, New York City, have updated their own records, allowing TBMA to focus on data quality.
The souvenirs sported the names of the event's corporate sponsors, Lockheed Martin, Freddie Mac, AT&T, Union Pacific, American Bond Market Association, and other companies.
In February, a survey published by the Bond Market Association indicated that thirteen percent of respondents believed that agency debt would replace Treasuries as a benchmark over the next year.
Buffalino has represented the Bond Market Association in their relocation from Downtown NY, to 360 Madison Avenue in Midtown.
02 percentage points, officials at the American Council of Life Insurers, Washington, and the Bond Market Association, New York, have written in a joint letter about the reclassification.