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Global Banking News-November 16, 2015--HSBC injects capital into green bond portfolio
At CalPERS, the largest pension fund system in the US with more than USD 200bn in assets, Kourkoulakos co-managed an USD 8bn investment grade bond portfolio and managed a USD 1bn high-yield bond portfolio.
1 percent of a bond portfolio for the month, compared with 9.
The idea of a dedicated bond portfolio is to synchronize bond maturities and coupon payments to precisely match future cash flow needs and then hold the bonds until they mature.
The European Commission authorised on February 9 Austria Wirtschaftsservice GmbH to take a public stake in a bond portfolio set up by Investkreditbank AG for Austrian companies.
CREMAC, a Brooklyn-based asset management firm specializing in real estate securities and debt instruments announced that it sold, in a series of transactions, a high yield bond portfolio of $180 million par value.
Relying on bond mutual funds usually is the most prudent strategy for portfolios under $500,000, but for larger amounts, firms should consider designing a bond portfolio of individual securities that meet the unique financial goals and risk tolerance of each client.
Over the past five years, the Calvert Social Investment Fund Bond Portfolio has been the best performer, with an average annual return of 7.
25 billion for the bond portfolio and renamed the insurance business, Aurora National Life Assurance Co.
Adding convertibles to a stock and bond portfolio can enhance returns and reduce risks at any level.
Municipal bonds should comprise roughly half the bond portfolio of a wealthy investor.