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Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs Nabila Makram said that the bond certificate is a response to calls from Egyptians living abroad to have a high yield bond certificate that can also bolster Egypt's economy.
The rest of the national bond expenses will go to meet a prospective DIC demand to have the bond certificate cashed to buy the bad loans of the two nationalized banks.
This bond may be formed in cash (by delivering cash or bank transfer made for NILSA check) or by first demand bank guarantee or insurance bond certificate.
With a design based on Mercury's RACE(R) multicomputer architecture, the data-capture system automatically identifies the type of stock or bond certificate being read and extracts the necessary information for processing by the exchange's accounting computers.
Under the dematerialisation process, Kenya in 1997 shifted from the process where government securities were bought in actual papers and liquidated upon physical presentation of bills or bond certificates.
Electronic bond certificates are also durable as long as banks' systems don't fail, and have the added benefit of being easier to secure than physical valuables.
Expecting a retailer to accept your Bitcoin is little different than asking him to take your US Treasury bond certificates as payment.
If it is cash collateral, they must deposit with the Treasury Alcdia City Council; if it is immobilizing certificates listed securities, guarantees or insurance bond certificates.
The National Bank of Egypt (NBE), Banque Misr, and Banque du Caire will issue US dollar bond certificates for Egyptians in the domestic market, high-ranking banking officials told Daily News Egypt.
NYSE: PAC) (BMV: GAP) said it has issued 26 million long-term bond certificates on the Mexican market (Certificados Bursatiles) at a nominal value of MXN100 each, for a total value of MXN2.
Taking forward the refund process, Sebi has now issued a new public notice inviting bondholders of the two Sahara firms to submit their refund applications along with original bond certificates or passbooks, self- attested copies of identity and address proofs as also bank details for credit of refund amount directly into their accounts.
I remember when clients came into my office during my early days in business, bringing with them stock certificates for the shares they owned or bond certificates for the bonds they owned.