bond broker

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Bond broker

A broker on the floor of an exchange or in the over-the-counter market (OTC) who trades bonds.

Bond Broker

A broker on an exchange whose business consists predominately or exclusively of bond trading. That is, a bond broker buys and sells bonds on behalf of clients in exchange for commissions.

bond broker

A broker who executes bond trades on an organized exchange or in the over-the-counter market.
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Investigators are examining more than Shoffner's financial dealings with bond brokers doing business with the State Treasurer's Office, according to sources interviewed by the FBI.
To offset the reduction in revenue resulting from decreased subdivision writings, the companies have expanded their writings of license and permit as well as customs bonds, having contracted with a number of specialty bond brokers throughout the United States.
Bond brokers believe that before the upturn of the economy, enterprises will have lower willingness to issue corporate bonds this year, even if interest rates remain low.
The fact is no municipal bond has ever been defaulted on and this is something the bond brokers require when it's not really needed," Parks said, adding he believes the city has spent hundreds of millions of dollars over the years for the insurance.
Much like bond brokers who spread the risk of a new offering across several investment firms, developers who have $50 million plus projects are usually always open to joint venture discussions.
Bond brokers said that in addition to the overnight falls in long-term U.
If Sarasota were Manhattan, then the young realtors would be our bond brokers.
Another K&S subsidiary, King & Shaxson Bond Brokers, which offers a specialised advisory and dealing service in all types of bonds, also have a number of local institutional clients.
Cantor Fitzgerald is among the world's largest bond brokers and third market institutional equities brokers.
As a result, it said the colleges' now-bankrupt bond brokers, Westcap Enterprises and Westcap Corp.
Although the site can't screen your phone calls or get your coffee, it can locate contact information and links to sites on a variety of business topics, including banking services, bond brokers and markets, currency markets, general financial services and international trade.
Shrinking markets and dwindling profits have many municipal bond brokers with their backs against the wall