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He said that boll picked by the machine are exposed before sunlight to kill pink boll-worm and larvae inside them.
Data on DCB seasonal incidence at weekly intervals was recorded from the five selected cotton plants; at the bottom, middle and top bolls of unsprayed Bt and non-Bt varieties.
Table 1: Effect of different Farmyard manure levels on Boll weight with respect to different tillage technologies.
1995) and male sterility which cause more flower and boll shedding (Fisher, 1975).
As the cotton gin was to removing seeds from the locks of cotton around 1800, so was the mechanical picker to the gathering of the valuable bolls from the stalks.
01) for plant height, sympodial branches plant-1, bolls plant-1, boll weight, lint index and yield of seedcotton plant-1 and fiber strength.
Varieties of BT cotton are resistant against the attack of boll worm.
Although population outbreaks of boll weevil would be associated with agricultural expansion in the tropics, boll weevil naturally occurs in South America since before the extensive cultivation of cotton in the region, their presence has been ignored until 1949, due to the scarce weevil collecting, especially in the native areas (Scataglini et al.
The observations were recorded for number of bolls/plant, sympodial branches/plant, boll weight (g), plant height (cm), fibre length (mm), seed cotton yield/plant (g), seed index (100 seeds weight, g), ginning outturn percentage (GOT %)/ lint %.
2005) conducted an experiment regarding the effect of sowing dates on the population of boll weevils, they concluded that squares damage of boll weevils were 44-56% more abundant in later planted treatments than in the earlier planted treatments.