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Table includes calculated maximum temperatures of the IB and RB load zones (FR cladding), maximum temperatures in the cask body filler (heavy concrete) and maximum temperatures of the cask outer surfaces--cask side, concrete cover and bottom.
Keywords: floods, stone vault bridge structure, damage, horizontal and vertical shift, footing bottom, angular rotation, subsidence, shift, collapse of adjoining bridge vaults, bridge body filler, tensile normal and shear stresses, rigidity, breast walls, non-force effects, interaction.
A special focus must be concentrated on the effect of temperature changes on the stress and deformation of the stone bridge structure and its interaction with the bridge body filler.
This will show up any dents touched up with body filler.
These were filled with body filler, allowed to harden, and then drilled for a tight press-fit onto the spindle.
Don't mix body filler on a scrap piece of cardboard.
It took 500 man hours just to paint it and needed 50 tins of body filler.
Products include body filler, fiberglass repair materials, under coatings and adhesives.
They included electric welders, trolley jacks, socket sets, spray guns and body filler.
Problem cars included a Fiat Uno clocked from 157,000 to 109,000 miles, with a critical part of its chassis repaired with body filler, and a Renault Megane still subject to a finance agreement with re-spray defects on all its panels.
Next, fill the wound with auto body filler ($10 at hardware stores and home centers).
In some instances, there are other steps such as body filler, wash primers, adhesion promoters and sealers that can add additional time.