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Taleb then describes what he calls the "Bob Rubin trade." Robert Rubin, who was Treasury secretary under Bill Clinton, returned to the "private sector" at Citigroup, from which he received $120 million in compensation in the decade after leaving "public service." But when the economic house of cards that his advice helped to construct collapsed in 2008, he suffered no consequences.
of using these materials for beneficial purposes," said Bob Rubin, chairman of the committee of the Environmental Management Commission, the agency that interprets state environmental laws and writes the rules governing how they are enforced.
was in its early years of production when I became friends with its producer, Bob Rubin, a former professor of American studies at City College.
Members seem to agree the group is successful in this regard with regular attendee Bob Rubin summing up the views of many by stating, “each meeting is a valuable education.”
His role model for the current job probably is his friend and predecessor, Bob Rubin.
Con toda intencion, Salinas reproduce aquella parte del libro autobiografico del ex secretario del Tesoro norteamericano, Bob Rubin, donde afirma que el apoyo financiero solicitado por el gobierno de Mexico a principios de 1995 estuvo condicionado a que "los mexicanos accedieran a realizar importantes cambios de politica".
During the Clinton administration, as Secretaries of the Treasury, Bob Rubin and Larry Summers deregulated derivative trading.
STOLI is showing up in mutated and hybrid variations, according to Bob Rubin, an AALU representative who is a producer with Wachovia Insurance Services, Boca Raton, Fla.
Besides, he talks regularly with Bob Rubin, President Clinton's Treasury Secretary, who is influential with Democrats on domestic and economic policy.