board room

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Board room

A room at a brokerage firm where its clients can watch an electronic board displaying stock prices and transactions. Also refers to the room where Board of Directors meetings take place.

Board Room

1. The room where the board of directors for any organization meets.

2. A room in a brokerage where clients and brokers can watch an electronic ticker where security prices are updated on a constant basis. See also: The Big Board.

board room

1. A room or section of a room in a brokerage office in which security prices are displayed.
2. The room in which a firm's board of directors meets.
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7, visitors to Alaska's Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles board Rooms will also enjoy expanded hours.
Day passes for the board rooms cost USD45 and one year memberships start from USD295, depending on the mileage plans and elite-tier status and first time membership includes a USD100 initiation fee which is waived for Gold members and discounted for Mileage Plan MNPs.
Caroline Boren, the airline managing director of loyalty marketing and customer advocacy, said, 'We listened to our members who requested longer hours at our lounge in Anchorage and on the weekends at our other Board Rooms.
In addition, the Colonnade has audio-visual equipment for business meetings and seminars, and the board rooms are equipped with wireless Internet access.