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They found "the back of the northern blue-tongue skink's tongue is much more UV-intense and luminous than the front." This feature was useful as a defense against main predators, such as birds, snakes, and monitor lizards. 
Atlas of Living Australia (2014a) Tiliqua nigrolutea (Quoy & Gaimard, 1824) Blotched Blue-tongue. Available from
Selon l'association, l'office devrait jouer son role en veillant au vaccin et au traitement des animaux, surtout qu'un cas de blue-Tongue (maladie bovine) aurait ete identifie dans une region du Royaume.
Michod, 41, wrote the lead specifically for Pearce, who was the lone established star in "Animal Kingdom.'' The movie brought international renown to the loose Aussie filmmaking collective dubbed Blue-Tongue Films, of which Michod and Edgerton are members.
The Australian filmmaking collective Blue-Tongue Films has been around since 1996, when a handful of friends made a short that turned out good enough to warrant persistence.
Farming leaders called for an import ban on livestock from blue-tongue areas in Europe after the disease was discovered in the herd on a farm near Worcester.
Faced with the pessimism of veterinary experts who fear that catarrhal (blue-tongue) fever is here to stay in the north of Europe, professionals are calling on the European Commission to define a long-term strategy to fight against the disease and its economic repercussions.
It would be a stretch to say that blue tongue skinks are taking the reptile world by storm, but what Griffith calls "the blue-tongue bug" does appear to be spreading.
The largest in this group is the blue-tongue lizard.
Meat industry authority Meat and Livestock Australia has been negotiating to alter existing health protocols in Indonesia, Mexico and Israel to reduce testing requirements, remove bans on promotants, facilitate northern port access and gain acceptance of Australia's blue-tongue zoning.
THE National Farmers' Union is continuing to call on Coventry and Warwickshire farmers to vaccinate their animals against blue-tongue disease.