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1. A construction plan. It is called a blueprint because it historically has been printed on blue paper with white lines.

2. In photography, a copy of a periodical printed before final editing in which images are shown on blue paper.

3. Informal, a plan.


A detailed set of plans used as a guide for construction.Because of the economies of a very inexpensive method of creating and copying such plans, they were formerly characterized by white lines on blue paper.

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Join unit 1's and 2's, medium blue tone-on-tone #2 D's, light blue print #1 D's and green E's as shown to make a block W.
Observing that Pakistan is an important part of the US's Afghan policy, the Blue Print says Obama and Biden recognize that the US effort in Afghanistan is inextricably linked to Pakistan, and that America must empower Pakistan's moderate majority, and strengthen democracy and the rule of law in Pakistan, in order to prevail against extremism.
1 Referring to Diagram I-A, join light blue print A to top of red tone-on-tone A as shown.
Study the quilt photo and note how Maria used light blue prints in matching sets of 4 in the sashes to create the illusion of 9 large blocks.
The white dial features a dark blue print, hands with superluminova and day-date window at 3 o'clock.
White trousers, PS20, Red blouse, PS24, stripe jacket, PS45 all @ Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Shoes, PS15 @ Dorothy Perkins Blue print trousers, PS20, white floral detail top, PS25, both @Edinburgh Woollen Mill; Navy shoes, PS32.50, @ Debenhams, bracelet, PS15 @ Debenhams Beige slacks, PS20, palm print shirt, PS24, both @ Edinburgh Woollen Mill, Shoes, PS23 @ Debenhams, necklace, PS20 @ Debenhams Blue print trousers, PS20, white floral detail top, PS25, both @Edinburgh Woollen Mill, navy shoes, PS32.50, @ Debenhams, bracelet, PS15 @ Debenhams Print dress, PS40, @ Edinburgh Woollen Mill, red shoes, PS15 @ Dorothy Perkins, cuff, PS12, by Ben De Lisi Principles @ Debenhams
Code Blue Group, which has offices at Old Leeds Road, has launched Code Blue Print to provide an in-house printing service for new and existing customers.
Beige leather slingback courts, pounds 65, Dune' Skinny grey jeans, pounds 40' blue print blouse, pounds 28, Top Shop Maternity.
Across the aisle from Rice, Debora Goldstein, an architect, shows photos of the house she designed while exchanging business cards with Charlene Loo, president of Ever Ready Blue Print, a printing house.
You can do the same or you can use one blue print and one red print for the blocks to create a more formal look.
* Dark orange print, yellow print, lime print, dark blue print, light blue print and lavender print
Recovered during the raid were fragmentation grenade, several rounds of ammunition, various identification cards, a blue print of a condo mall in Quezon City and a cellular phone.