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Blue Book

A publication estimating the value of automobiles. It is especially known for used vehicles, but is also provides values for new cars, motor homes and other vehicles. It was first published in 1926, and is formally known as the Kelley Blue Book.

Blue book

Any number of pocket-sized reference books on a wide variety of topics.The ones most relevant to real estate are The Blue Book of Building and Construction (,The Apartment Blue Book (,and The Realty Blue Book.

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To Haldeman-Julius, the standardized production of Little Blue Books meant that "democracy in literature" could finally be a profitable venture.
Letters like these, peppered as they are with phrases such as "employ my spare moments to advantage," help to contextualize the Little Blue Books historically and give us a sense of their place in the lives of the workers and farmers who read them.
The Little Blue Books, he wrote, "belong to a time when we still believed that reading 'the classics' or the 'greatest minds' or the no-nonsense how-to-succeed manual would somehow lift us above the crowd, off the farm, out of the factory" (Butler 1969, 23).
Although they are almost never credited for their political influences, the Little Blue Books played a large part in the education of many Midwestern, Southern, and Prairie radicals.
6) John Gunther comments on the influence of Little Blue Books on AfricanAmerican intellectuals in his Inside U.
Blue Book Editor and Consultant will work closely with the Blue Book Committee, Editorial Board,
1) Organize and coordinate the Blue Book Committee and Editorial Board and be the office
2) Schedule the meetings of the Blue Book Committee and Editorial Board and prepare the
3) Attend the Blue Book Committee and Editorial Board meetings.
com or contact Jeff Fandl, Blue Book Editor at 800-431-2584, e-mail jfandl@thebluebook.