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The Newcastle University team work with company Third Eye Technologies in their unique immersive Blue Room to create personalised scenarios.
The suggestion they would storm the Blue Room is preposterous.
The Blue Room reeks of a curatorial gaffe, but makes up for it with three outstanding works
Left: The Blue Room restaurant and, right, the swimming pool in the spa
AT&T and CBS RADIO will also offer fans the opportunity to attend the live webcast taping in person via a sweepstakes entry on blue room and 'call-in-to-win' promotions on CBS-owned radio affiliates in select markets.
AT&T said that from 6 June, blue room will webcast the Live Nation Weekly Concert Series across a variety of musical genres.
These skewed symmetries and doublings play out in the paintings themselves, whether in a manor house's blurred reflection in a pond, or in pairs of works, such as the blue room and the pink room of 2002 (which depict exactly the same space, save for the different palettes indicated in their titles) and the two nearly identical portraits of a handsome spaniel from 1999, one called George Crossing the Street at the Strand on the Way to the Haymarket Theater for His Dinner.
Among some of Blumenthal's better sellers are the Judaica items from Spode's Blue Room collection, as well as items from Nambe, Christofle and Herend, and some of the smaller Judaica manufacturers in Brooklyn, N.
Formerly it was Le Petit Bistro and for many years before that, Jean's Blue Room.
The actors were shown around the new Blue Room at the Gala theatre in Durham City, which provides a second cinema screen as well as a venue for arts events and conferences.
Similarly someone who likes in-your-face red is hardly likely to be happy with a serene blue room, and it can lead to horrendous rows.