Blue chip stock

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Blue Chip Stock

Stock in a well-known and highly respected publicly-traded company. Blue chip companies are usually financially sound and are thought to be relatively low-risk investments. They tend to be less volatile than other companies and to provide solid growth to portfolios. Examples in the United States include General Electric and Coca-Cola. Indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average tracks blue chip stocks.

Blue chip stock.

Blue chip stock is the common stock of a large, well-regarded US company. The companies in that informal category are collectively known as blue chip companies. Blue chips have a long-established record of earning profits and paying dividends regardless of the economic climate.

They take their name from the most valuable poker chips. In the United Kingdom, in contrast, comparable firms are called alpha companies.

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Table 1 Internationalization of firms, full sample Panel A Employees Blue chips Mid caps Significance Home RoW Home RoW Mean 40.
But chemicals firm Croda International was a drag on the blue chips, shedding 5 percent after it said trading weakened in September, with month-on-month trading volatile.
For example, blue chips were buoyed by the government report that worker productivity in the 12 months, ending in the second quarter, grew at the fastest pace in 17 years without a rise in the unit cost per labor.
And Garden of Eatin's Original Blue Chips bags state that, among Hopi and Zuni Indians, blue corn "was believed to have spiritual and healing powers.