Blue chip stock

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Blue Chip Stock

Stock in a well-known and highly respected publicly-traded company. Blue chip companies are usually financially sound and are thought to be relatively low-risk investments. They tend to be less volatile than other companies and to provide solid growth to portfolios. Examples in the United States include General Electric and Coca-Cola. Indices such as the Dow Jones Industrial Average tracks blue chip stocks.
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Blue chip stock.

Blue chip stock is the common stock of a large, well-regarded US company. The companies in that informal category are collectively known as blue chip companies. Blue chips have a long-established record of earning profits and paying dividends regardless of the economic climate.

They take their name from the most valuable poker chips. In the United Kingdom, in contrast, comparable firms are called alpha companies.

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Pulandran has advised various blue chip companies including Microsoft Corp and Caterpillar Inc, the company said.
He recommended that investors, for now, avoid blue chip companies and seek good buys among second liners.
Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank (ADIB) has launched a second Shari'ah compliant investment structured note for the year, which is linked to a basket of blue chip companies from diversified sectors and with overweight focus on the healthcare industry.
Phoenix Managed Services provides managed security services under its PhoeniXSentry brand to many of the world's leading financial institutions and blue chip companies. On October 1st, D&S Communications purchased Mako Networks, one of the underlying technologies supporting the PhoeniXSentry managed security service, and the companies look to complement one another's offerings going forward.
The Index, the flagship index of Kuwait Stock Exchange (KSE) gauging the performance of 15 blue chip companies, showed a sustained recovery in the investment market, Ali Al-Nemash said in a statement to KUNA.
Investors are advised to wait for major dips to invest in blue chip companies. Uzma Tasleem, Head of Research, Alfalah Securities The market is expected to continue volatile trend with heavy volumes to persist today.
The company offers a nationwide next day delivery service giving excellent OTIF, whilst specialising in the distribution of both hazardous and nonhazardous products for the plastic industry, and proudly boast many blue chip companies amongst its client list.
A SPECIALIST who advises blue chip companies on how to create businesswinning presentations has opened an office in Leamington.
Ms Charlton, who is pictured (above) with director George Foster, joins the team with more than 10 years experience working in sales as an account manager for blue chip companies such as Wrigleys.
NEW YORK: US stocks mostly rose Monday amid market confidence on earnings of blue chip companies, in line with expectations of economic recovery from the long and brutal recession.