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de links analisados postagens comentarios em que partem em 2007 2007 (ate do blog no (ate setembro) blogroll setembro) Blog 1 11 23 de 17 pessoas 31 Blog 2 20 274 de 13 20 Blog 3 6 27 de 15 pessoas 4 Blog 4 2 18 de 17 pessoas 8 Blog 5 29 92 de 35 pessoas 12 Blog 6 3 2 de 2 pessoas.
Blogroll Builder is the first commercially released software from Verdant Industries.
For Stich, her blogroll is organic, and reflects her tastes and interests, not a desire to connect with other bloggers.
Notable features: Extensive video, blogroll, links to external sites
La particularidad del blog, desde esta perspectiva, es que transforma las narrativas de la vida cotidiana en una base de datos cuyas conexiones y puntos de acceso son establecidos por medio de senderos de navegacion, tales como las etiquetas (tags) de las entradas o el blogroll.
Created by the advertising team at WPNI, the Blogroll programme is reportedly a unique advertising network that, using Adify technology, makes it easy for advertisers to buy standard ad units on individual blogs or across categories of blogs like Travel, Technology, Business, Health, Auto and Politics, the company said.
Su mision es "simple": mencionar a Marqui por lo menos una vez a la semana en sus posts e introducir la pagina web de la empresa en su blogroll.
In some states it is illegal for instructors to reveal the class roll, so a class blog with a blogroll linking to all of the individual student blogs may not be feasible.
Such a blogroll list looks like a roll, or register, but it also recalls logrolling, the practice of mutual back-scratching in the world of politics or literature.
If fully embraced, it could signal a move toward what Ali Fisher (2008) describes as "open source" diplomacy, which acknowledges a radical reorientation toward the stakeholders and constituents of (public) diplomacy: "the open-source approach to public diplomacy engages in collective effort among peers (both foreign and domestic), whether they are governments, NGO[s], commercial enterprises, or members of a blogroll or Facebook group" (Fisher, 2008, p.
The blogroll for the site lists businesses and organisations operating from Willunga that maintained a web presence prior to the NBN roll-out.