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The Railway Board, the State Governments of Rajasthan, Maharashtra and Karnataka and Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) are proactively promoting this Luxury segment both in the domestic and overseas markets and are actively supporting the campaign by hosting the Bloggers on their trains.
We expect more bloggers to take a stand and we invite them to sign up at http://bit.
that same day, she will also be participating in a discussion with other bloggers on future trends in interior design.
From spotting the latest trends, to understanding the intricacies of the industry, the event gave many choices to the bloggers.
Local designers consisting of products ranging from athleisure to jewelry to loungewear to urbanwear with origins from Beirut to Zurich will experience a rare opportunity to meet local influencers and fashion bloggers not named Leandra or Blair under one roof.
From invitations to food tastings and restaurant openings to book deals and lucrative collaborations with big companies, bloggers have just as much influence on the food scene as professional food critics-if not more.
There is no denying that some bloggers have become prominent members of the fashion industry.
His death was the first in a series of blogger killings in Bangladesh over the past few months.
The North East Blogger Awards 2015, run by creative communications agency O PR, are now open for entries with a host of new categories including Best Instablogger and Best Looking Blog.
Attackers armed with machetes killed a blogger in Bangladesh on Friday, the fourth killing of an online critic of religious extremism in the Muslim-majority country in less than six months.
We're putting together a blogger network and look forward to enhancing our relationships with mom bloggers through the activities we have planned this year.
But Google assures bloggers that no site will be deleted due to this change.