Block trade

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Block trade

A large trading order, defined on the New York Stock Exchange as an order that consists of 10,000 shares of a given stock or at a total market value of $200,000 or more.

Block Trade

A trade involving the sale of a large block of securities, usually more than 10,000 shares or $200,000 in value at a time.

block trade

A trade of a block of shares that is most likely to occur between two institutions because of the large amount of money involved.

Block trade.

When at least 10,000 shares of stock or bonds valued at $200,000 or more are bought or sold in a single transaction, it is called a block trade.

Institutional investors, including mutual funds and pension funds, typically trade in this volume, and most individual investors do not.

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The secondary offering, which was effected pursuant to a block trade by way of an accelerated book build, raised gross sale proceeds of approximately Au653 million (US$1 billion).
Javelin's electronic block trade processing capability provides market participants with the ability to submit proposed block trades for pre-trade credit checks and, once the credit checks have been approved, the block trades can be submitted to the designated clearinghouse and swap data repository for clearing and swap data reporting in a manner that is fully compliant with all CFTC regulations regarding straight through processing of block trades that are intended to be cleared.
The deal is said to be the largest block trade for the year.
We find no support for the existence of permanent positive changes in share value where the firm is not taken over within one year of the block trade.
The price of the two legs of the trade was to be determined later by the market closing price, an arrangement known as a TAS (Trade at Settlement) block trade.
8 million shares of common stock, worth nearly $200 million, in a block trade with Citigroup Corporate and Investment Banking.
The company must stay within trading volume restrictions unless it is doing a block trade.
arranged a block trade after the close of the stock exchange on Wednesday, paying Icahn $36.
In response to inquiries regarding the large block trade in Retail Holdings' shares last Friday, December 27, the Company has indicted that the shares were sold and purchased by third parties not affiliated with the Company.
SE) in a block trade that could raise between KRW368bn and KRW375bn (USD328m-USD334m) as the US investment bank seeks to exit its holding in South Korea's fourth-largest financial holding firm.
Flexible Index Options are Hang Seng Index and H-shares Index options contracts which allow market participants to request customised strike prices and expiry months, provided the contracts are bought and sold through the block trade facility.
PK) is looking to sell 400 million of the bank's Hong Kong-listed shares in a block trade that could raise up to USD272m.