Block trade

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Block trade

A large trading order, defined on the New York Stock Exchange as an order that consists of 10,000 shares of a given stock or at a total market value of $200,000 or more.

Block Trade

A trade involving the sale of a large block of securities, usually more than 10,000 shares or $200,000 in value at a time.

block trade

A trade of a block of shares that is most likely to occur between two institutions because of the large amount of money involved.

Block trade.

When at least 10,000 shares of stock or bonds valued at $200,000 or more are bought or sold in a single transaction, it is called a block trade.

Institutional investors, including mutual funds and pension funds, typically trade in this volume, and most individual investors do not.

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The Board authorized the repurchase of up to 3 million shares or 11 percent of Jenny Craig's outstanding common stock through block trades or privately negotiated transactions.
TAIPEI, Taiwan -- In order to meet market demand and to strengthen the function of block trades in the market, the Taiwan Stock Exchange Corporation ("TSEC") has received approval to make further adjustments to the block trading system.
The BIDS platform, which offers customizable tools to allow end-users to successfully negotiate block trades, is expected to launch in spring 2007.
According to Larry Tabb, CEO and co-founder of TABB Group and co-author, dark pools when successfully navigated can minimize information leakage, manage market impact and execute block trades at beneficial prices.
Pilgrim shares may be repurchased from time to time in the open market through negotiated block trades or otherwise at the Company's discretion, based on ongoing assessments of capital needs of the business, the market price of its stock, general market conditions and other factors.
TD AMERITRADE Holding Corporation (NASDAQ:AMTD) today announced that its Board of Directors has authorized the Company to repurchase up to 12 million shares of common stock in the open market and in block trades.
A slew of block trades, ranging in size from 10 to 1,500 contracts, crossed the tape from the sound of the opening bell until around 11:40 a.
1 in "value-added," a measure of execution quality, for all block trades from 10,000 shares to 50,000 shares for the past six consecutive quarters.
8 million to be allocated towards purchases of the company's Common Stock in either open market transactions or in private or block trades.
The AMEX volume executed as three block trades that crossed the tape between 11:03 and 11:08 a.
Most of the activity was made up of four large block trades totaling 2,617 contracts that crossed the tape between 10:02 and 10:11 a.
The sale was the last in a series of block trades which has seen Blackstone and CVC reduce their stakes in Merlin from approximately 21% and 12% respectively to zero since the time of Merlin s IPO in November 2013, raising aggregate total gross sale proceeds of approximately Au1.