blighted area

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Blighted Area

A location where multiple buildings are dilapidated or abandoned. Blighted areas are marked by low property values, crime and capital flight. Many municipalities take steps to reduce blight; for example, a city may offer a tax incentive for a business to move into a blighted area or a grant to repair a building. Some blighted areas, however, are considered to be beyond repair.

blighted area

A declining area suffering from seriously decreasing property values and not likely to recover without some outside intervention.More than simply a market slip,a blighted area can be identified by deteriorating buildings,increased crime rates,and decreased occupancies.

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This is another way that our administration is joining with local partners to revitalize blighted areas across the state, and I look forward to seeing their transformation continue in the days to come.
Ogden created a redevelopment agency and put plans in place back in 1999 to identify blighted areas of the city and revitalize them with redevelopment projects.
10) In Missouri, the Real Property Tax Increment Allocation Redevelopment Act (11) requires a finding that "'the redevelopment area on the whole is a blighted area, a conservation area, or an economic development area.
According to the sponsors of the bill, the provision will allow PHAs to continue using HOPE VI for the purpose of transforming blighted areas into mixed-income neighborhoods while protecting the overall amount of housing available for families in need of public housing, which may increase due to the mortgage foreclosure crisis.
His appetite for creating sustainable and attractive schemes on derelict and blighted areas is demonstrated by The Locks project, a waterfront canalside redevelopment of more than 120 houses and flats, including roof terraces, and eco-friendly construction on what is currently a mix of derelict and industrial land.
1) These tools represent a traditional "invest and grow" approach that local governments can use to generate growth within blighted areas.
Wisconsin's Blight Elimination and Slum Clearance Act (203) provides for the creation of redevelopment authorities with the power to acquire blighted areas through the exercise of eminent domain.
Now police chiefs are warning the latest operation is just the start of a battle against the motorcyclists, who cause misery for people living near blighted areas.
Wal-Mart also launched a new initiative designed to bring jobs and economic opportunity to blighted areas.
The original concept of TIFs was to help blighted areas come out of the doldrums and get some economic development they wouldn't [otherwise] have a chance of getting," says former FortWorth City Councilman Clyde Picht, who voted against the Cabela's TIF.