blanket recommendation

Blanket recommendation

A recommendation by a brokerage firm sent to all its customers advising that they buy or sell a particular stock regardless of investment objectives or portfolio size.

Blanket Recommendation

A recommendation to buy or sell a security that a broker or investment advisor makes to all her clients. Many analysts advise against following a blanket recommendation because doing so may not advance one's individual investment goals. In fact, following a blanket recommendation may seriously harm a client, depending on the client's risk tolerance, level of diversification and other matters.

blanket recommendation

A recommendation to buy or sell a security that is sent by a brokerage firm to all its customers. Firms do not consider individual investors' objectives before sending out a blanket recommendation.
Are blanket recommendations sent to investors in a timely enough manner to be effective?

Blanket recommendations for a specific security usually have been significantly diluted by the time the client receives a mailing from the brokerage firm. In most cases, the recommended security should be looked at as a long-term play rather than as a trading vehicle.

George Riles, First Vice President and Resident Manager, Merrill Lynch, Albany, GA
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Applying a blanket recommendation to this heterogeneous population may result in significant harms from overtreatment.
Gundo Aurel Weiler, country representative of the WHO, made it clear to the committee that the agency did not make any blanket recommendation to use Dengvaxia but set out conditions for countries to consider, including risks posed by the vaccine.
But it also cautions that this should not be interpreted as a blanket recommendation for debt-financed public investment, as adverse market reactions -- which might occurin some countries with already-high debt-to-GDP ratios or where returns on infrastructure investment are uncertain -- could raise financing costs and further increase debt pressure.
However, there is still a blanket recommendation of aggressive glucose lowering.
LeFevre, Professor of family medicine at the University of Missouri--Columbia, said that the new recommendation is based on an individual risk assessment rather than being an "overarching policy that makes a blanket recommendation.
However, due to potentially serious side effects associated with its regular use, including bleeding, peptic ulcer disease, and kidney toxicity, a blanket recommendation to men regarding its use cannot be made.
In light of a new analysis of NTDs and folate pathway genes, however, that blanket recommendation may need to be fine-tuned [EHP 114:1547-1552; Boyles et al.
We don't know how good all of the work that is exhibiting at the same time as the International is so we cannot give a blanket recommendation.
Point out that no blanket recommendation exists for PD patients to take coenzyme Q10 but that if they are going to take it, go with a bigger dose (at least 1,200 mg/day).
It's impossible to deliver one blanket recommendation.
Don't make a blanket recommendation on the death benefit.
It's impossible to give a blanket recommendation for every product.