blanket recommendation

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Blanket recommendation

A recommendation by a brokerage firm sent to all its customers advising that they buy or sell a particular stock regardless of investment objectives or portfolio size.

Blanket Recommendation

A recommendation to buy or sell a security that a broker or investment advisor makes to all her clients. Many analysts advise against following a blanket recommendation because doing so may not advance one's individual investment goals. In fact, following a blanket recommendation may seriously harm a client, depending on the client's risk tolerance, level of diversification and other matters.

blanket recommendation

A recommendation to buy or sell a security that is sent by a brokerage firm to all its customers. Firms do not consider individual investors' objectives before sending out a blanket recommendation.
Are blanket recommendations sent to investors in a timely enough manner to be effective?

Blanket recommendations for a specific security usually have been significantly diluted by the time the client receives a mailing from the brokerage firm. In most cases, the recommended security should be looked at as a long-term play rather than as a trading vehicle.

George Riles, First Vice President and Resident Manager, Merrill Lynch, Albany, GA
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Allowing for the fact that good ideas sometimes get turned into blanket recommendations that don't quite fit all situations, there must be some underlying rationale for this credible-sounding advice.
Until then, individual judgement should override any blanket recommendations.
Blanket recommendations for one year of dual antiplatelet therapy for patients who receive drug-eluting stents may be the biggest cloud over the market for the devices, cardiologists suggest.
SAN FRANCISCO -- All official guidelines on HIV treatment either make blanket recommendations for drug-resistance testing or at least suggest that the clinician consider such testing depending on the patient's circumstances, Brad Hare, M.
Blanket recommendations are hard to make -- in a given room, a less expensive pair might be more appropriate than a more expensive pair, but the opposite might be true in a different room.
Noting the small sample size in this study, blanket recommendations on safe fluid intake cannot be made, Dr.