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However, Google also doesn't want to issue blanket policies for its search results.
Housing providers with blanket policies that simply "reject" ex-offenders might be unintentionally discriminating based on race, according to HUD.
"We know that there is still work to be done but it is disappointing to see our area highlighted in such a negative way by a Government that still seems intent on announcing blanket policies that give no regard to the needs of individual areas or their young people.
SWA chief executive David Frost said: "The right way forward is targeted help where there are problems, not blanket policies which penalise the vast majority of responsible drinkers."
2000e et seq., warns that blanket policies and practices that exclude from employment all individuals with any type of criminal conviction, regardless of the particular job duties of the position, may be discriminatory and violate Title VII.
Read more InsideCounsel stories about disability-related laws and lawsuits: Wal-Mart accused of violating ADA 9th Circuit to Disney: Let disabled visitors use Segways Attendance policy can be enforced without violating employee's ADA rights EEOC scrutinizes blanket policies for ADA violations EEOC's discrimination crackdown poses challenges for employers
“Therefore, blanket policies against hiring anyone with a criminal background, without consideration of the specific circumstances involved, runs afoul of Title VII, according to the EEOC.”
[paragraph] Unfortunately for many employers, this led to blanket policies that are now coming back to bite them.
Middle East Director at Human Rights Watch, Sarah Whitson, said "Israel has never put forth any concrete security rationale for blanket policies that have made life a nightmare for Palestinians whom it considers unlawful residents in their own homes."
She said blanket policies were needed about homophobia in schools because, while the WA Equal Opportunity Act did not allow sexual-orientation discrimination, there were "loopholes" for religious institutions.
at 308 (following the Ninth and Eleventh Circuits and holding blanket policies constitutionally permissible); supra notes 28, 30 and accompanying text (stating deference to prison officials is unwarranted in certain circumstances).