Blank check

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Blank check

A check that is duly signed, but the amount of the check is left blank to be supplied by the drawee.

Blank Check

1. A check made payable to a certain person, organization, or to cash, and signed by the writer with the amount of the check left blank. That is, a blank check allows the payee (or anyone else) to determine the amount of the check. A blank check can be very dangerous, especially if one is made to a person the writer does not trust or if the payee does not know how much is in the writer's account. It easily can lead to (sometimes significant) overdrafts.

2. Informal for a situation or transaction requiring a great deal of trust between the parties.
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The sponsors of most blank check companies retain a greater interest in the company, and there are other aspects of the structure--such as the two-tier price between warrants and shares--that result in less dilution for shareholders.
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By not requiring competitive bidding for new electricity supplies, this measure essentially hands the investor-owned utilities a blank check to spend their ratepayers' money.
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