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INVESTORS OVERESTIMATE CRASH PROBABILITIES Median investor estimate of a one-day market crash similar to Black Tuesday (1929) or Black Monday (1997) 10% Actual likelihood of a crash exceeding 12% (Black Monday dropped -12.
For more than 10 years, the effects of Black Tuesday were felt worldwide.
Then came Black Tuesday, down went Herbert Hoover and along came Franklin Roosevelt and the country's first substantive financial regulation, a desperate attempt to instill public confidence in public companies and stock markets.
While the Black Tuesday attacks killed thousands and inflicted billions of dollars in damage to our economy, it was hardly a civilization-threatening event affecting the interests and well-being of most Americans.
Given our Junk the Spin campaign, I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when I saw how the White Paper, Choosing Health, was launched amid so much hype and hyperbole that you would have been right to think that publication day was going to be known for ever more as Black Tuesday by the food and drink industry.
HOWARD UNIVERSITY: Howard hosted Black Tuesday, a massive protest organized by a dozen historically black colleges to urge the Supreme Court to uphold affirmative action.
The impact of Black Tuesday on the Gulf is, of course, political and strategic as well as economic and energy-related.
Such was the scale of the carnage on Black Tuesday, the insurance world might have wished for a little longer in which to devote itself entirely to mourning its dead.
NICOSIA - The outcome of what has resulted from Black Tuesday will not be clear for years.
For example, the Korzhakov-Barsukov-Soskovets clan used Black Tuesday to launch an attack on Chernomyrdin and Luzhkov, pinning the blame for the crisis on them.
My friend said, sadly, that despite the hubbub of the record sales that would soon earn Bill Clinton the Firearms Salesman of the Year Award, he knew that Black Tuesday was out there somewhere.
If the damage control helped at all, it was hard to see in a survey HECO commissioned within weeks of Black Tuesday.