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Paul said: "For the Victorian tourist in Scotland, Black's guide was a godsend - a real "travellers' bible".
6 Paul being led a merry dance by a ballroom champion Paul consults Black's guide as he a horse-drawn caravan Paul reached Ullapool by vintage bus before his north coast walk toilets see Victorian are a must- The flamboyant Bute, in Rothesay, 4 Taking to two wheels to explore Scotland on a Humber bicycle the Eck during in May up Loch recorded Canoeing ever gales 5 worst HISTORY Z Paul at Floors Castle, on the Roxburghe Estate, near Kelso
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He was the regional publisher of Black's Guide, Baltimore & Washington Edition, which remains a leading leasing directory in major markets throughout the country, and served in an office leasing capacity for Hovnanian Enterprises and McKeon Construction.
28) The late Victorian Black's Guide to South Wales continued to express uncertainty about the county's identity: "Here [in the case of Monmouthshire] any South Wales Guide has to face a dubious question.
NEARLY NINE OUT OF 10 COMMERCIAL REAL estate (CRE) professionals noted an optimistic outlook for the industry for the next six months, reversing a five-year period where confidence was in short supply, according to a national survey conducted by Black's Guide Inc.
Rather than focusing on where tenants will come from, CRE professionals are focusing on the increased demands of new tenants, according to Ed Barnes, vice president and general manager of Black's Guide.
A new landmark national survey from Black's Guide reveals insightful trends about New York City's commercial real estate (CRE) market:
ABRY Partners (Boston, MA), a private equity firm that invests in media and related businesses and the owner of CommerceConnect Media (Westport, CT) and Cygnus Business Media, has acquired Black's Guide, Inc.
Black's Guide was established in 1976 to serve the commercial real estate market and is currently the nation's leading commercial real estate directory publisher.
A new landmark national survey from Black's Guide, the nation's most comprehensive and industry-leading commercial real estate (CRE) source, reveals today that 89% of CRE professionals feel confident that business will be as good as or better in the next six months as in the prior six months.
In 2002, Blunt was ranked number one on Black's Guide List of Philadelphia's Top 10 Real Estate Brokers Under the Age of 35.