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White Biotechnology in Bio fuels Industry: Market Restraints Ranked in Order of Impact (World), 2011-2020 93
They can help venture capitalists evaluate a start-up biotechnology firm.
Hopefully we'll be able to work out a partnership biotechnology center.
With the pace of scientific progress today, the benefits of forest biotechnology are not only for our children and grandchildren; we get to enjoy them, too.
She has a chemistry degree, but has no biotechnology training.
She believes one of the reasons their proposal was turned down was because they concentrated on the current and future environment of biotechnology in their area.
Biotechnology will mean enzymes currently under development will create demand for new energy crops like switch grass.
We are witnessing the creation of a new infrastructure based on biology instead of older rust belt technology and petroleum, through the coupling of modern industrial biotechnology and manufacturing.
Growers for Wheat Biotechnology (GWB) has developed a strategy for providing information and education about the benefits of biotechnology for consumers and the wheat industry.
The whole area relating to health and biotechnology has been a hot bed of activity for the city.
In August 1994, Dan Case, president of Hambrecht & Quist, wrote a memo urging the firm's clients to invest in biotechnology.

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