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science park


business park

a cluster of firms, mainly high-technology businesses, which are located together on a purpose-built site adjacent to a university, polytechnic or some other centre of research, which facilitates the transfer of basic technology and know-how from research laboratories to commercial applications. The term is also applied more generally to embrace technology parks or technopoles (commonly found in Continental Europe), where emphasis is on attracting established research-based companies and innovation centres which cater for smaller high-technology companies.

In most countries a large proportion of the investment in science-park infrastructure and buildings is provided by the public sector as part of a wider programme to stimulate regional enterprise and promote technological advance. See RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT, REGIONAL POLICY, INDUSTRIAL POLICY.

science park

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This new facility will be a welcome addition to the growing cluster of pharmaceutical and biotechnology plants in Tuas Biomedical Park.
The JTC BioMed One forms the next phase of development for Tuas Biomedical Park (TBP), a world-class manufacturing hub for the biomedical industry in Singapore.
Largest Technology and Biomedical Parks in the United States
The Residences at University Park housing development is part of Forest City's all-encompassing University Park at MIT project, a premier office and biomedical park in Cambridge, an affluent, fast-growing Boston suburb.
The show began production in 1999, shooting at Mann Biomedical Park in Valencia during the first season before moving to Santa Clarita Studios for season 2.
More than 40 restaurants, dessert shops, specialty food boutiques, wine merchants and caterers are donating samples of their culinary treats for Sunday's annual taste festival, this year at the Mann Biomedical Park on the forested edge of the Valencia Industrial Center.
So far this season, ``24'' has filmed at Mann Biomedical Park in the Valencia Industrial Center, the property behind Saugus Speedway in Saugus, some undeveloped property off Soledad Canyon Road and, currently, at an apartment complex on San Fernando Road in Newhall.
The announcement follows a similar entry to last month's announcement that the University of Southern California will participate in the creation of a vast biomedical park, fostering the academic competition experts say could lead to scientific breakthrough.
A few hours later, as Sammy Hagar's ``I Can't Drive 55'' blasted on the loudspeakers of a stage at Mann Biomedical Park in the industrial center as four parachutists from the sheriff's department Golden Stars landed, one of them trailing a giant American flag that crew members rushed to keep from hitting the ground.
College of the Canyons and Mann Biomedical Park became the two most frequently filmed areas in the city so far, both starring in several movie productions.
6 in the outdoor park area at Mann Biomedical Park, 25104 Rye Canyon Loop, Valencia.
The college does not expect to have to renew its two-year, $114,000 lease with the Mann Biomedical Park for the 9,500 square feet of space.

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