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In this study, a monogenic binary coding algorithm was considered to illustrate a good matching with local features through the analysis of monogenic signal theory and monogenic binary algorithm.
Similar constraints were used in previous unsupervised hash or binary coding methods, such as iterative quantization (ITQ) [28].
Asymmetric inner-product binary coding (AIBC) [27] is a special hashing method based on asymmetric hash functions.
This work has achieved the use of MD and binary coding classifiers to extract information about oil-spill areas in a test site, i.e., the Gulf of Mexico in USA.
Computer science includes programming, website development, software engineering and binary coding. Contributing to its decline in K12 schools has been a lack of qualified teachers in many parts of the country.
(Methodology) To overcome the reliability problem, the Binary Coding Protocol for Analysis of Interviews was developed.
By applying complementary rules, the previous DNA sequence is converted to the right DNA sequence after binary coding in embedment phase.
18 mins LESSON 9 review, control console, option switches, flags, indicator lights, decimal coding, binary coding, BCD, octal.
This singular historical and economic phenomenon is often associated with the ongoing decline in data processing and transport costs but, more than anything, it derives from "network effects": thanks to the extended arena of application of binary coding, the usefulness of digital innovations (internet, search engines, mobile phones, electronic payment systems, TV, etc.) increases with the growth of the user population.
In regression analysis, dummy variables are usually introduced by using binary coding and the designation of a single reference group for the purpose of interpretation.
Signs of the Inka Khipu: Binary Coding in the Andean Knotted-String Records.
JUNIOR maths boffins across Coventry have been getting stuck into binary coding and 3D modelling to boost their brain power.