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You could be missing billing errors or signs of fraudulent activities.
Billing errors were occurring because customers are not charged at regular intervals, while consumers were also confused about increasingly high standing charges and a lack of information about how their network operates, how their costs are calculated or where to turn to complain.
The TRUE Fees Act also requires phone, cable and internet providers to allow customers to end their contract without early termination fees if their provider increases prices; prevents hikes on equipment fees unless providers improve equipment; and prohibits forced arbitration clauses for wrongful billing errors. Congresswoman Anna Eshoo (D-CA) has introduced companion legislation in the House of Representatives.
"We can assure there are no faulty meters and we haven't had as many billing errors as claimed," he said.
Consumers should send a letter -- certified mail if possible -- to the card issuer's mailing address for billing errors ASAP and be sure to keep a dated copy, the FTC advises.
As long as the telecom and utility vendors provide invoices, there will be errors and RadiusPoint's team uses proven processes of identifying these systemic billing errors.
Jay's leadership is integral to our efforts focused on making sure clients receive their agreed upon service at their contracted rate, and many times we're able to help them realise significant savings that stem directly from billing errors. Just as importantly, the organisation's value offering relies on the efforts of Jay and the Processing Services division to gather and process accurate supply chain data and convert it to actionable business intelligence that facilitates improvement across our partners' supply chains.
MIAs can save patients money, as well as pay doctor and hospital bills by organizing preapprovals, fixing billing errors, and negotiating coverage denials.
Santorian helps organisations manage their legal invoices and identify overcharges and billing errors to assure they are receiving maximum value from their legal service providers.
figure By COLLINS OMULO The Nairobi City Water and Sewerage Company loses over Sh1 billion annually due to water theft, faulty meters, billing errors and illegal connections, a report has revealed.The report by the Nairobi County Assembly Public Investments Committee revealed that the urban water firm is losing a whopping Sh1 billion in non-revenue water ndash water which cannot be unaccounted for.
The water company admitted it faces problems arising from overpayments, billing errors and meter tampering.
THE management of Eko Electricity Distribution company has decried the spate of violent attacks on its workers on their lawful duties by some people claiming to be protesting against poor state of power supply or billing errors in their communities.