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In May 2017, the federal cabinet finally ratified the revised bilateral treaty but it did not cover old transactions.
Asif Munir, a Dhaka-based migration expert, said: "In any joint working group or bilateral treaty, there should be a provision for inclusion of a neutral third party like an international observer body, so in case of any disagreements at the negotiation table they can mitigate the situation.
Summary: Seoul [South Korea], September 2 (ANI): United States President Donald Trump and South Korean President Moon Jae-in agreed to revise a bilateral treaty that limits Seoul's ballistic missile capabilities amid the threats posed by North Korea.
During the consultations, the sides discussed the current international legal matters of cooperation, particularly, within the framework of universal and regional international organizations, as well as reviewed the status of bilateral treaty framework.
ISLAMABAD -- Minister for Finance Mohammad Ishaq Dar said on Thursday that new sections in Finance bill (2016- 17) will enable the tax authorities to sign bilateral treaty level with Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OCED) forum.
You may recall that Sri Lanka, during your visit to India, had concluded a bilateral treaty in New Delhi on June 9, 2010 called Treaty on Transfer of
The visit also marks the first formal consultations between the top military brass of the two countries after Sept 30, when the United States and Afghanistan signed a bilateral treaty agreement.
There is no need to reenter into another bilateral treaty or aACAyconvert' the existing gas purchase agreement into a treaty to avoid sanctions," Soufi said.
will most certainly deny any extradition request of Knox by Italy under the 2010 Bilateral Treaty," Wilson told (http://hollywoodlife.
This country recently negotiated a bilateral treaty with Brazil to extradite a solicitor who allegedly stole cash.
While encouraging the neighbours to have an institutional arrangement for beneficial sharing of common waters, the World Bank has offered finances and services as an 'honest broker' for joint water management under a bilateral treaty.
Shortly this year, Director of the Public Revenue and Tax Department in the Ministry of Economy and Finance, Moftah Jassim al-Moftah, will travel to Peru to resume talks on reviewing pending provisions of the bilateral treaty with the aim of finding a mutually acceptable and beneficial outcome, a mission statement said.
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