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Gaddafi will realise he is facing a big clunking fist.
Supporters hailed him as the "big clunking fist" who would crush any opposition at the despatch box, but Tories demanded an instant election for the unelected PM to seek a mandate.
LONDON: The man once described as the "big clunking fist" of British politics is on the ropes.
And that requires the big clunking fist to prove he's on the side of exploited workers - to bash bad bosses, and with them David Cameron.
However, the big clunking fist, as Mr Blair christened him, is certainly no lightweight.
That leaves many Labour MPs wondering whether a contest between a failed Cabinet Minister and the Big Clunking Fist of the Chancellor is really the best way to enthuse the voters.
"And however much he may dance around the ring, at some point he will come within the reach of a big clunking fist.
The Prime Minister has to do what Tony Blair predicted he would do long ago - and land a "big clunking fist" on his Tory opponent.
"However much Cameron dances around the ring he will eventually come within reach of a big clunking fist".
But the Labour heavyweight's big clunking fist has started to land a few blows on the Tory lightweight, beating him last week to add to a few victories on points before Christmas.
On past experience, it is unclear whether or not Mr Brown, the "big clunking fist" as Mr Blair called him, has enough to see off the Tory challenger.
Mr Atkinson remarked drily: "I see Gordon's Big Clunking Fist is just as tight as ever."