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Some influential voices are beating the drums for radical, sweeping changes at the Big Board, including a whole new set of directors and a division of the exchange's trading and regulatory functions.
Among those now listing on the Big Board are Sybase Inc.
We are pleased to be making the move to the Big Board," said Jack Golsen, Chairman & CEO of LSB Industries.
Siemens' shares began trading on the Big Board in the form of ADRs on March 12, 2001.
Richard Torrenzano was SVP and chief spokesman for the NYSE and a member of the Management (policy) and Executive (operations) Committees for the Big Board.
its slumping stock could be dropped from the Big Board.
Declining and advancing stocks were about even on the Big Board.
Ten years ago, when personal computers were relatively new, a PC was a big board with lots of chips on it.
We expect to be relisted by the New York Stock Exchange shortly after we complete these filings and we look forward to being back on the Big Board where our stock has been listed for more than 99 years.
GateHouse is the third newspaper company that has been barred from Big Board floor trading this year.
The electronics manufacturing services provider decided to move from the New York Stock Exchange after the Big Board informed the company it will substantially raise the financial requirements for listing.
It was de-listed by the Big Board because it was unable to keep its stock price above $1 a share, or meet market capitalization requirements of $75 million.