bid-to-cover ratio

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Bid-to-cover ratio

The ratio of the number of bids received in a Treasury security auction compared to the number of accepted bids.

Bid-to-Cover Ratio

In the auction of U.S. Treasury securities, the ratio of the bids received in the auction to the number of bids actually accepted. The bid-to-cover ratio is an indicator (though not the only one) of relative demand for Treasury securities. A bid-to-cover ratio of over 2.0 indicates a successful auction with competitive bidding, while a lower ratio indicates the opposite.

bid-to-cover ratio

At an auction of Treasury securities, the dollar amount of money being bid compared with the dollar amount of securities being auctioned. A high ratio indicates strong demand and is likely to strengthen the market prices of other fixed-income securities.
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07bn, and bid to cover spreads, which reveals the subscription rate - or appetite - for the offerings, was strong.
Not only were military personnel brought back from the front so they could act as extras, but the director was arrested and possibly executed on Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels' orders, while the ship standing in for the Titanic was sunk in the final days of the war in a desperate bid to cover up the horrors of the holocaust.
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Dawn Carville, 45, had enjoyed a successful career in education until she forged the City and Guilds certificates in a bid to cover up her financial woes.
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