bid bond

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Bid bond

A bid "performance" bond consisting of a small percentage (1-3%) of the tender contract price, refunded to losers once the contract is awarded.

Bid Bond

A bond that a bidder to a construction project buys to guarantee that it has the means to complete the project should it be awarded the contract. The amount of a bid bond is a certain percentage of the price of the contract. It exists to reassure the company awarding the contract that the bidder has the cash flow needed for the project. The bidder is reimbursed for the bid bond if it does not receive the contract.

bid bond

A type of bond required in some government construction projects.If required,it must be filed at the same time as the bid.This protects the agency in the event the bidder fails or refuses to enter into a contract after being offered it or withdraws the bid before the award.The bonding company will then pay the agency the difference between the defaulting low bid and the next highest bid,whose bidder will be given the contract.

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8) In reaching its conclusion, the court relied on the relatively common industry practice of brokers issuing bid bonds that exceed a surety authorization.
Bid Bond Broker's Questionable Conduct Not Imputed to Bidder
The Court of Federal Claims (COFC) declined to impute an insurance broker's questionable conduct to a bidder whose bid a contracting officer determined to be nonresponsive because the amount of the contractor's bid bond exceeded the amount authorized by their surety.