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As the bias voltage is increased, the dominant current conduction mechanism follows the order; Ohmic conduction, trap-filled space charge-limited current and space charge-limited current.
The aim of the present work was to deposit TiAlN coatings by triode magnetron sputtering in order to investigate the effect of the bias voltage on the Ti-Al-N coating system.
The supply and bias voltages are connected by four separate pads for probing through a conventional 7-pin Power-Ground-Power-Power-Ground-Power (PGPPGP) DC probe.
Following the same way with the aforementioned BPF, Figures 9(a), (b) illustrates the simulated and measured results for several typical bias voltages ([V.
The purpose of this article is to describe the design procedure of a class-F PA with a very low drain bias voltage ([V.
Nemi's plan, which covers test lengths, failure criteria, number of parts and bias voltage testing, is available at nemi.
Upon reversing the bias voltage on ITO, the light-emission process in the metal complex ceases, and the excited state of the polymer is populated.
The instrument provides an internal DC bias voltage of 2 V or external biasing capability to [+ or -] 200 V.
An on-board bias voltage generator caters to the multiple signal level requirements.
These curves can be used to study anomalies, locate maximum or minimum I-V slopes, perform reliability analyses, or generate families of curves as temperature, incident light level, or substrate bias voltage is varied.