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Bex also brings her two Pyrenees dogs, Snowy and Molly to work so that keepers can find out more about dog grooming and walking, the dogs are very timid and are used to being handled regularly by the College students during term-time.
Suzi Tait-Bradly is another stay-at-home Mum; an American who married a Kiwi she met at the University of Delaware and ended up, like Bex, living in Wellington.
I look forward to discussing how we can integrate architecture with social infrastructure and the natural environment at BEX Asia," says Ms Greenlees.
Bex comes from a run-down estate, and her sister is a single parent, whilst her brother has been in trouble.
BEX Instant Virtualization: Allows near-instant server recovery to a virtual machine without transferring data.
BOOTED Bex Shiner has confessed she DOES fancy nerd Luke Marsden - and she loves to get naked.
Sedgefield is represented for the third year, and manager Jim Allen is expecting big things from 18-year-old Bex Clarke, who comes from Bolam, near Gainford, and has just completed her A-levels in psychology, sociology and leisure studies at sixth-form college in Darlington.
BEX, which is backed by the Northwest Development Agency, is a free event, which attracted almost 3, 000 delegates last year, as well as leading speakers from a wide range of organisations.
The Battenfeld BEX 2-54c, a medium-performance range conical extruder that covers the 20- to 140-kg/h performance range, was the first model of a series of three machines to be introduced.
The majority of the shares in the new company will be owned by bex.