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The Canvas beta-testing community is open to Citi customers who want to take an active role in trying what's new and innovative at Citi.
Citigroup, Inc (NYSE: C) has said that it has launched a beta-testing community that enables customers to co-create products and digital capabilities in the financial domain in the UK.
Using this new beta-testing community, customers can register to access and test solutions.
Citi FinTech CEO Yolande Piazza said, 'This new beta-testing community is a platform for customers to test live solutions in real-world conditions that improve their financial wellness.
Kaspersky Labs,is beta-testing a new anti-virus security system specially developed for computers working under Windows called: 'Kaspersky Anti-Virus for Windows Desktops'.
Apple seems to have contracted out the beta-testing for the Android app to a third party website that specialises in such things.
The sheer variety of Android phones may be one of the reasons why Apple decided to hand over the beta-testing routine to a third party, instead of conducting it by itself.
The more active beta-testing participants will be rewarded with fully functioning versions of the product.