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If people cannot be assured of graves, I fear they will no longer die, and the best interests of civilisation will wither like a frosted leaf.
Bishop said he was glad to think that this wealth flowed into the coffers of a gentleman who was always disposed to maintain the best interests of Society.
I am glad to add, however, that at the present time the disposition to vote against the white man merely because he is white is largely disappearing, and the race is learning to vote from principle, for what the voter considers to be for the best interests of both races.
In one respect at least, I may claim to have had your best interests at heart--while we were still personally strangers.
Pip must decline to deal further with one who could so far forget what he owed to the best interests of society, as to employ a boy who excited Loathing in every respectable mind.
But the people thought that a governor ought to have nothing in view but the best interests of those whom he governed.
So long as I confined myself to them she had a haunting fear that, even though the editor remained blind to his best interests, something would one day go crack within me (as the mainspring of a watch breaks) and my pen refuse to write for evermore.
He too received a noble recompense for his devotedness to the best interests of his country, taking with him into the retirement of private life the hatred of a host of enemies, and the fresh scars of wounds inflicted by assassins, only too often the sole guerdon obtained by honest people, who are guilty of having worked for their country, and of having forgotten their own private interests.
You are guilty of weakness and want of attention to your own best interests, but of nothing worse.
I ran the risk of displeasing your majesty, but I risked, also, the concealment of your best interests.
If you think that it is in the best interests of your client that these letters should be placed in the hands of the Earl, then you would indeed be foolish to pay so large a sum of money to regain them.
It concerns the best interests of your father," said the messenger.