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These recent benchmark wins are a continuation of industry-leading performance outcomes from Fujitsu's PRIMEPOWER family.
Remember that the purpose of a benchmark is to direct the activities of the asset manager according to the investment strategy specified by the company.
As you choose a fund's benchmark, keep the following considerations in mind:
At the beginning of the benchmark period there were a few mentions of your innovation, but over time that too has disappeared from view.
Example: "Today XXXXX Corporation announces an industry-leading SPC-1 benchmark result on the new YYYYYY storage system.
The SPC's first objective was to build a block server-based benchmark that would have the broadest possible market appeal in the online enterprise storage market and be capable of scaling to very high I/O throughput levels in storage network topologies.
Participants worked on definitions for a Productive Statistics Benchmark that will offer items such as average labor and parts cost per claim, parts per machine, and first time fix numbers for the computing industry.
The methodology includes the widely accepted BDTI Benchmarks as well as expert evaluation of processor attributes, and provides the basis for BDTI's highly regarded technology reports.
Also key to the benchmark is the process of reporting a SPC-1 benchmark result, as test sponsors must publicly disclose the price (including three years of service) of the configuration being tested.
0, the mobile device industry will have access to the first benchmark intended to simulate accurate, consistent 3D performance prior to the investment in silicon hardware.
Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA), Information Systems Audit and Control Association's COBIT, as well as guidance from CIS members, CIS Benchmarks support available high-level standards that deal with the "Why, Who, When and Where" aspects of IT security by detailing how to secure an ever widening array of workstations, servers, network devices and software applications in terms of technology-specific controls.
We rely on it regularly to benchmark how productive our physicians are -- how many patients each is seeing, how much they're billing, what level they're billing at, and even how many bills are actually being paid.