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1. Relating to the sale of goods to a retailer. That is, a wholesaler receives large quantities of goods from a manufacturer and distributes them to stores, where they are sold to consumers. A wholesaler generally is able to extract a better price from the manufacturer because it buys so many good relative to an individual retailer. In theory, this enables the retailer to sell the good at a better price for the consumer. See also: Economies of scale.

2. Relating to the sale of securities to institutional investors rather than individuals.


The sale of securities among broker-dealers and to large institutional investors. Securities sold at wholesale go for slightly lower prices than those paid by individual investors. Compare retail.
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com is an online membership-based bullion dealer at below wholesale pricing.
3 2 1 PLAY has access to thousands of major brand name products at or below wholesale prices from today's leading manufacturers.
Both lease signings came on the heels of a 31,000-square-foot lease renewal by Big Lots, a leading business-to-business exchange that provides top quality merchandise and below wholesale prices.
uBid is a leading brand name auction marketplace that offers consumers and businesses leading manufacturer's merchandise below wholesale prices.
Direct Buy Marine is unique in that it offers boating accessories below wholesale prices with an innovative sourcing and logistics strategy that increases environmental sustainability.
This year's clearance event is expected to be Bluefly's best ever, and will include more than a thousand styles from leading European and American designers, priced at or below wholesale.
The mission behind CuffAndBangle is to give shoppers an outlet to feel comfortable when purchasing products that suit their unique desires and pay prices that are sometimes below wholesale.
BlueSale is Bluefly's ultimate blow-out, where you can find thousands of the best designer items at below wholesale prices!
A selection of center diamonds in nearly every cut will also be offered at below wholesale prices and available for viewing.
com, where mom and pop and other business owners can purchase small-to-large quantities of name-brand inventory at below wholesale prices, enabling them to better compete against the major national chains (in November, 2001, Overstock.