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The deal, signed several years before President Hosni Mubarak was ousted by a popular uprising in February 2011, provided Israel with 40 percent of its natural gas at below market rates.
The New Local Government Network called on authorities to adopt US-style Mortgage Support Plans under which they would offer people mortgages at below market rates on all or part of their debt.
Seller is willing to sign a lease agreement at below market rates or will consider offers on the building.
In exchange for allowing the conversion without enough parking and other necessities in a low-vacancy area, the Planning Commission required the developers to sell or rent nine studio and one-bedroom units at below market rates.
As was reported, more and more lay members are having to take positions that were once filled by clergy and religious at significantly increased costs though very likely below market rates.
Trade Representative Robert Zoellick in the lead, the industrial powers wanted to force developing countries to throw their economies open even more to foreign banks and corporations, while the United States, Britain, and France continued to subsidize their own farmers, who export corn, wheat, soybeans, and cotton at below market rates.
Tax credits awarded by the government through the New Markets Tax Credits program facilitate bank loans at below market rates.
Of the 20 free-market condos currently for sale, 8 were rented at the initial stage of the project and are now below market rates, while 12 are vacant, offering the new owner the options of either renting the units in at the current rate, or selling them individually on a retail basis.
It has 13 home-buying help programs, including down payment assistance and 30-year loans at below market rates.
In addition to these innovative loans, CalHFA enhances affordability and homeownership opportunities through traditional 30-year fixed rate loans at below market rates.
GMDC was formed in 1992 to help protect artisans and currently houses 80 businesses--including hot glass blowers, metal spinners, woodworkers, weavers and furniture builders--in five buildings at below market rates.