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The debate over the future of meaningful use seems to have found its bellwether issue: interoperability
Same sex marriage is really a tipping point, a bellwether issue if you like - people have just said 'I've had enough, I'm off, I will never vote Conservative again'."
In particular, the South China Sea has moved from being a rather arcane area of conflict studies to the status of a bellwether issue. Along with other contested areas in the western Pacific and south Asia, the problem increasingly defines China's regional relationships in Asia--and with powers outside the region.
One key bellwether issue for the beer industry is ergonomics.
On a closing basis, the yield on the bellwether issue also shot up to the highest level in three years and nine months by yielding 1.900 percent.
This competition, which hosted students from Stanford to Singapore last year, is a series of debates on the bellwether issues of our times.
Amid a lack of fresh trading incentives and decreased buying by foreign investors due to the summer holidays, bellwether issues fell as corporate pension funds continued to unload blue chips to return to the government pension assets they have been managing on its behalf, brokers said.