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As such, Belgian Waffle now holds the number one position in the mind of consumers when it comes to waffle.
Top a Belgian waffle cookie (Trader Joe's work well) with a generous spoonful of the chevre/curd mixture, close with another cookie to make a sandwich.
We went for it and ordered a baked cheesecake and Belgian waffles, which both came with a tasty fruit compote.
Heidi's Family Restaurant is a bit of a greasy spoon, but its kitsch value and hearty menu, including pancakes, fruit crepes, Belgian waffles, and the ever-changing "kitchen sink omelet," make it a must.
Ice Impressions also distributes a full range of premium dairy ice cream, ice cream desserts and impulse products from Ijsboerke one of Europe's major producers as well as Belgian waffles and UHT long life ice cream mix.
And when you make these delicious Creme Brule'e Waffles with Chef Supreme[TM] Gourmet Belgian Waffles from Krusteaz@, you're saving yourself time and labor.
Belffles are newly launched sweet Belgian waffles, with no artificial ingredients, preservatives or colours.
In Yum Yum, 2001, the eye careens across Belgian waffles and scoops of ice cream only to crash-land on platters of deli meats.
And even Belgian waffles are available in family packs.
Clogs from Holland, Portuguese lace, Belgian waffles, Spanish olives, German cookware and French food were among the items on sale.
Euclid Cezar started Famous Belgian Waffles in 2012 and managed to grow his network to 450 stores in less than five years.
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