Beige Book

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Beige Book

A report issued by the Federal Reserve Board two weeks before each FOMC meeting. The report contains anecdotal information on the state of the market and the broader economy in each region of the United States. The Beige Book is compiled from interviews with key market players including Federal Reserve Branch presidents. The Beige Book is considered a window into what the upper managers of the Federal Reserve are thinking, and, as such, it fuels speculation on what the FOMC will decide to do when it meets. The Beige Book may be designed to reduce shock (and the potential for panic) in the market after the Federal Reserve actually announces its decisions.

Beige Book.

Beige book is the colloquial name for the Federal report that is formally titled Summary of Commentary on Current Economic Conditions by Federal Reserve District.

The beige book is prepared eight times per year by the Federal Reserve Board, in preparation for the Federal Open Market Committee (FOMC) meetings, at which its members discuss the state of the economy and determine whether any changes ought to be made to the discount rate and whether the money supply should be tightened or loosened.

The report is based on information provided by each Federal Reserve Bank on its particular district and includes opinion and analysis from economists, bank directors, business people, and other market experts in each district. Economic forecasters use the beige book to predict whether and how the Fed will act after the FOMC meeting.

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Contacts in most districts expected modest improvements in commercial leasing in 2011, although the outlook for construction was mixed and some districts noted rising costs as a concern," the Beige Book reported.
Most parts of the country said their economies had stabilized or improved slightly since the Fed"s last Beige Book survey in September.
The Beige Book, named for the color of the cover, is published eight times a year and serves as a "snapshot" of economic activity in the Fed's various regions.
WEDNESDAY: Federal Reserve releases beige book, report on regional economic conditions.
All three major markets are near their lows for the day, mainly thanks to a weak Beige Book report at 2:00 p.
The Federal Reserve's Beige Book indicated that according to reports from contacts in the twelve Federal Reserve Districts, economic activity "expanded at a measured pace in recent weeks.
economic data including the Federal Reserve's Beige Book added to the gloomy U.
Several Federal Reserve districts reported tighter lending, particularly for commercial real estate (CRE) Joans, as economic uncertainty remained a theme in the Fed's September Beige Book.
2%--great Labor Day sales, positive Beige Book reports, American manufacturing activity higher than it has been in twenty years.
WEDNESDAY: Federal Reserve releases its beige book, a survey of regional economies.
Economic News: The latest Beige Book offering from the Federal Reserve revealed that 11 of the 12 Federal Reserve districts enjoyed economic growth in December and early January.
The decline in global oil prices comes amidst the release of the US Federal Reserve's Beige Book, which indicated yesterday that according to reports from contacts in the twelve Federal Reserve Districts, economic activity "expanded at a measured pace in recent weeks," stressing that "contacts in a number of Districts expressed concern and uncertainty about the federal budget, especially the fiscal cliff".